today doesn’t suck as much

today is better than yesterday despite the fact that i have a full-blown infection in my breast.  i called my midwife friend because i dont have a doctor and i cant bother fancydoc with this.  the first thing she asked was if i have fever, chills or general malaise.  umm let me think.  yes, yes, and jesus christ yes.  oh and is my breast red?  hell yes.  but it wasnt yesterday. but still.  duh.  how did i not realize that i had an infection?  so thats why i feel like dogshit.  so today i am busy working the boob trying to get the lump out.  not so easy when you have guests.  yes our guests did finally arrive.  two days late.  they literally walked in the door while i was leaning over a bowl of hot water soaking my breast. oh yeah and the kids werent even home for the long-awaited arrival.  we sent them out on an excursion with our babysitter.  boob in bowl, kids not home.  classic.  at least the mood has lifted.

turns out the pharmacy is closed so i cant get my antibiotics.  it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.  ibuprofen is keeping my fever down.  soon i’ll get in the hottub with guests and kids so i can soak my breast a little more.  hopefully i can pull it together for our new year’s eve party tomorrow night.

i posted below the second part of the big f*cking nightmare.  today, two years ago, is the day she was born.  her birthday and deathday.  5:36 p.m. december 30, 2005.


~ by complicatedmama on December 30, 2007.

One Response to “today doesn’t suck as much”

  1. Boob in a bowl is certainly a novel way of greeting visitors.
    I hope you get the antibiotics and start feeling better soon.

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