let’s see, am i feeling better today?  no.  the kids drove me nuts last night, it took forever to get them to bed, during which time i burnt the living shit out of my couscous.  i went to sleep at 10.  i woke up with a jolt at 11:30 when monstergirl crashed out of bed.  up again at 1 when babybear woke up.  back up at 2:30 to extract my nipple from her mouth and put her back in her crib lest she keep me up all morning.  so cute to have a baby sleep in bed but so not worth the shit night’s sleep.  so i manage to fall back asleep again after wrestling with the racing thoughts again.  monstergirl wakes me up at 5 crying (Rocket Man is away on business, normally he does the kids’ night wakings thank the good lord or somebody would have committed me months ago) because she has to pee.  wrangle the torrent of consciousness into submission again or maybe sheer exhaustion just took over.  dead asleep again when babybear wakes up to nurse at 6.  just what i needed last night. really.

2:30 cant come soon enough.  i will stop at the pharmacy on the way home.  been reading about zoloft.  sounds like it kills off the libido entirely in the majority of patients.  it’s a good thing i wont notice any change.

on alighter note, legoboy brought babybear in for sharing today.  he wanted the class to see her sit up.  so she sat up on the rug facing the class, looking all cute and making funny noises.  we kept her hat on so we didnt have to do a Q and A about her hemangioma.  she barfed on the rug and the kids thought that was hilarious.  then she did it again and was instantly catapulted into the rock star/greatest baby ever hall-of-fame.  that was a bright spot in my morning.


~ by complicatedmama on February 6, 2008.

One Response to “harumph”

  1. I’m sorry you’re not feeling any better.

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