down the hatch

i swallowedmy first zoloft this morning.  yee-haw.  i’m a little worried that babybear will never nap again, or some such crazy shit, but i decided to go for it anyway.  so we’ll see.

the shrink was pretty cool.  he agreed that i should try some meds.  he thinks that i am mostly depressed and feeling a tremendous amount of stress.  he doesnt think that i am particularly anxious.  silly man.  he should come to my house when i’ve lost track of monstergirl’s dark brown gypsy skirt from mini-b*den.

i convinced him to give me 10 ativan just for emergencies.  since the last 30 ativan lasted me through 5 difficult years, i think i can manage to use these wisely.  does that mean i cant take one now just for fun?  i guess it does.

so here begins my SSRI adventures.  so far so good.  i’m packing for our long-weekend in the snow so i’m fairly motivated right now.  18 people, one house.  8 adults, 10 freaking children ages 7 and under.  holy crap.


~ by complicatedmama on February 7, 2008.

5 Responses to “down the hatch”

  1. hey good for you…you’ve got balls re: zoloft. not because of the naps, just because.

    and the 8 adults, 10 kids thing? at least it’s not YOUR house!!

    oh and what’s the ativan do?

  2. Good for you, darlin. I wouldn’t worry about the napping thing. I’ve been taking Vitamin Z since last week and haven’t noticed any problems with his naps.

    Good luck.

  3. charmedgirl ativan is kind of a mellower version of xanax i think.
    aunt becky- feel anything yet?

  4. It takes a few weeks before you reach a therapeutic dosage in your body. Good luck

  5. glad you got the meds started……i don’t remember zoloft although i do know i tried that one at some point in my saga. hope it helps!
    wondering how your weekend went….you’re brave – it would have taken 20 klonopin at least to get me though that one. i’m not good at sharing space with people anymore – i feel too exposed – since i’ve had my little darling, life is so unpredictable – can’t take it! i probably would have cancelled due to crippling anxiety….i’m such a wuss.

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