5 minute update

what can i write in 5 minutes?  told myself i’d give it 5 just to get a post up.  3 kids is kicking my ass.  hardly any free time.  25 mg still has me feeling a little better.  but if this is all there is, then i think i’ll try 50.

monster doesn’t have celiac.  class III allergy to eggs, class II to milk, class I to soy and citrus.  wheat wasn’t included.  duh. skin prick scheduled.  that’s 3 minutes.

digging my therapist.  saw her last week when i was wigging about some regrets re: not pursuing treatment for baby’s hemangioma, namely topical steroids. she talked me off the ledge with a simple mantra.  “i wish i had.  but i didn’t.”

try it.  “i wish i had.  but i didn’t.”  it’s growing on me.

that’s 6 minutes.  wow.


~ by complicatedmama on February 20, 2008.

7 Responses to “5 minute update”

  1. dude, that’s an awesome mantra.
    one of my girls has an hemangioma too. it sucks.

  2. The mantra? Love it! Good to see your 5 minute post. You got in quite a bit actually ;o)

  3. that’s an awesome mantra – i’m going to use it too. acknowledge regret & move on. no use in dwelling on impossiblity of “do-overs.”

  4. I’m keeping that mantra, too.

  5. I’m going to be using that often.

  6. That’s a great mantra. Glad to hear the mood has lifted. I didn’t get the help or the medication and it took 3 years for it to finally pass. I admire your courage

  7. Love your mantra. Mine is similar…”I did the best I could at the time with the tools I had.” Works for me, but yours is shorter, and I have found myself using yours a couple times over the past day or so! Glad the Z. is helping. I just got the Z. added to my mix and so far it’s not, but I’m still hopeful.

    I know you’re busy, but I tagged you anyway because I love to read your stuff!

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