whats in a name?

girasole you are so right.  monstergirl was meant to be a temporary name while i was waiting for a better, gentler one to come along.  also it is meant as affectionately as monster could possibly be.  but you are right.  it’s not a good name.  i considered olivia, y’know the ahem swine who just has to try on EVERYTHING but the impact doesnt come across.  and there is the problem of olivia being a pig.  that seems worse than a monster.  i considered “indomitable force of nature” but its too clunky.  “balls of steel?”  too superhero’ish.  we called her “mad girl” when she was an infant.  not any better.  worse even.  damn she screamed ALL THE TIME.

i am open to suggestions.  i am thinking about “chip.”  she has a chipped tooth and what’s more relevant is that she is, you guessed it, a chip off the old block.  but it doesnt conjure up any images really except of a preppy in plaid shorts.  so that one is out.

by the way i really enjoy commenting back on your comments and i never know where to do that.  if i do it in the comments, then the commenter may never see it.  nobody will really see it there. so i’ll try doing it here.  then there opens up the possibility of a conversation of sorts.  when i ask a question in somebody’s comments, i do it as if they are actually going to answer.  which i know they wont.  so i’ll try this.

also if anybody wonders whether or not i know about apostrophes and other means of punctuating.  i do i just cant be bothered.  do we really need the ‘ in cant?  isnt it understood?  when i post in word  the punctuating happens for me.  but in wordpress i figure fuck it.  i dont type well and punctuation just slows me down.  and i know the difference between its and it’s.  i just dont care.


~ by complicatedmama on February 28, 2008.

11 Responses to “whats in a name?”

  1. good thing you clarified about the punctuation because i was totally going to rip you a new asshole here in your comments about it. you did, after all say we could write anything. i’m totally kidding (why, oh why, isn’t there a sarcasm button on here?!)

  2. i nicknamed monstergirl “chippy” like a million years ago and you got all butthurt about it because you didn’t want me making fun of her chipped tooth! but i LIKE her chipped tooth. and i think chippy is an adorable nickname for the blog and for real life. and it will not give that girl a complex. she is way to self assured for that nonsense.

  3. Ha! I love the last two lines.

    (Oh, god, am I going to become a total butt kisser now that you’ve opened the floor for commenting? Chirping uselessly after every post? Mehh…)

  4. I kind of like the name monstergirl. I think it is quite hilarious, actually, because although she may be a little nuts (like her mama), I’m sure she’s quite adorable (like her mama).

  5. yeah, it is an adorable name that i don’t know if you can change….i’ve been thinking and can’t really think of anything – it IS given with love – just make sure she knows shes nuts in a good way as she grows up – i’ve always been told i’m overly dramatic and too sensitive – they called me sara bernhart (sp?) when i was little – who i guess was a very dramatic actress years ago – Anyway – its given me quite a complex about my feelings and whether or not their valid blah, blah – so it can affect you if you’re always told how difficult you were etc then again i am overly sensitive….HA! tough call – i guess if you make her embrace the joys and beauty of being a monstergirl then she can just think of herself as fierce, strong, bold, courageous, spirited – not a pain in the arse. ????

  6. i never call her that anyway. its just for the blog.

    complicated mama

  7. oh jesus – i didn’t think you called her that! i just thought you were discussing it b/c she may inadvertently hear it or whatever – my comment is irrelevant then. i will shut up now.

  8. A force of nature is good!. The natural world is amazing! I guess we all have our own personalities – its a double edged sword don’t you think: our strengths are also our weaknesses. A sensitive person makes a great listener but sometimes gets taken advantage of; a strong personality might be a fun person to be around but could be too dominating… So what are her strengths? A feisty outgoing nature is more challenging to handle especially considering the high level of personal stress you are managing (mind you I personally think that 3 small kids and sleep deprivation alone would do that let alone the rest) but her spirited nature is a good quality too…maybe she’s got your spirit? Many others would have gone under but you are out there trying to get thru… Anyway, I am going to have to come back and see what you come up with now! (Not forgetting one day she might read you blog!)

    PS Liz – All your feelings are valid. All toddlers are dramatic because they are pure feelings, they are still learning about the world. Maybe those that called you “too sensitive” could learn to be more SENSITIVE because its a wonderful quality and I wish there were more sensitive people in the world. It shows a lack in them, not a fault in you.

  9. Girasole, Thank you for your comment – i TRULY appreciate your empathy and thoughtfulness 🙂

  10. Hmmm….we call our kids “monkey.” Both of ’em. But I can’t think of anything more appropriate for her.


  11. Liz, you’re more than welcome. Big hug across the internet.

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