just tore myself away from the deadbabyblogs. man oh man what brutal, heartbreaking losses. then there are the teeny micro-preemies that didn’t make it. and tiny simone at flotsam. you just have to be okay, simone. for your brilliant, strong mama. and for all of us.

lord, reading these blogs, it makes me want to go gather up babybear from her crib so i can feel the weight of her in my arms.

she is alive. she lived and she is alive. what an incredibly beautiful and sweet baby, i cant take my eyes off of her. what a blessing. her first tooth is starting to come through.  a tooth!

my baby is alive and she ate meatballs for dinner. meatballs! what a big girl. what more can i ask for? for once, nothing comes to mind.

my heart aches for the moms out there who are going to sleep tonight without their babies. the nighttimes are the worst. i wish you could wake up from the nightmare.

i cant wait for rosepetal to hold her baby boy safe in her arms.


~ by complicatedmama on March 12, 2008.

5 Responses to “miscellaneous”

  1. Just found your blog. It’s nice to read stories that have a happy ending..I guess there’s hope for the rest of us…

  2. Thanks for your thoughts

  3. This post was so sweet. It is wonderful when we allow ourselves to fully feel that joy for a moment or two with our little ones. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Such incredible heart break. It’s just not fucking fair.

  5. I’m just sick about other people’s heartbreak. Nothing in life is fair and the sooner I realize that, the happier I’ll be.

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