baby on the way

the mamas are having their baby.  today it seems.  i didnt think i was going to the birth.  but then i got the call.  actually i missed the call that came in the middle of the night so i got “the message.”  the baby is coming.  s’s water broke and splashed all over the floor.  i dont know.  its not what i expected but when i talked to C. this morning after i hung up i thought, “no fucking way am i missing this.”  all thoughts of becoming too attached seemed trivial in comparison with, “my friends are having a baby TODAY and i am invited and where the hell are my car keys!”

it certainly helps that RM has the next two days off work and can cover everything involving the kids.  that is a MIRACLE in itself.  RM is all, “duh.  of course you are going.  she’s your friend and  she’s having a baby.”

standing by here for the “get in the car call” and i’l be running around packing up a  bag of stuff for the mamas.  let’s see i’ll need cameras, chargers, cell phone, gifts, extra pads, breast pads, a few precious hand-me-down clothes….  how fun; my friends are having a baby but i also get to run around and pack a bag for the hospital.  oh yeah and breastpump, freezer packs… i better get busy.  cant wait to see them.  and their daughter.


~ by complicatedmama on May 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “baby on the way”

  1. Oh, HOORAY!

  2. I am glad to hear you are going to be there for them. Get that bag packed!!

  3. Yeah! So glad that you decided to be there. Hope everything goes/went smoothly! How exciting!

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