dosmamas update

C asked me to guest post for her but since i am a complete moron i cant find a way to sign in to her wordpress account. there does not seem to be a sign in page at all. ideas?

so i spoke with C earlier today and they are still in the hospital. everything is fine. S has been discharged but they are able to stay because the baby is a patient. she has jaundice and needs a little more time in her lightsuit. i picture her looking like a little yellow jetson baby. C said i could nickname her. as if. i mean really. what an honor but one that i may not prove worthy of. we all know how difficult nicknames are. my best attempt is this: “littleo”. y’know like the Big O but smaller. this will make more sense when you hear her name.

anywayyyyyy, littleo is having a hard time becoming unyellow because she isnt pooping or peeing much because she hasnt been nursing much. she needs to process out the bilirubin through her digestive system.  but she’s picking up the pace and hopefully will be checking out of her lightbed tomorrow.

the nursing has been a little challenging. s’s milk has not come in yet so she is on a rigorous schedule of nursing, pumping, nursing with supplemental feeding tube, cleaning the parts. phew. S’s nipples are killing her even with a good latch, possibly because freckled women have extra-sensitive nipples. actually her nipples probably hurt because nursing hurts like a mo’fo’ in the beginning regardless of one’s being freckled or unfreckled.

goddammit. monstergirl is relapsing. she is peeing in her panties for the millionth fucking time. she’s standing cross-legged, RIGHT IN FRONT of her potty and screaming, “peeeeeeeeee. peeeeeeee. mamaaaaaaa.” yep. she’s almost four. and babykate just woke up from a 20 fucking minute excuse for a nap. and now legoboy is all bitter because there arent enough blank pages in his journal. you gotta be fucking kidding me.

monstergirl is still screaming. oh my god i so royally fucked up her potty training.

okay it’s over. 30 minutes later. i am shredded. gutted. she’s coloring. cheerfully. normally i would begin the post-fit recriminations of how i handled the situation and the catastrophizing about how fucked she is going to turn out. but i’ve got to finish my post about the mamas.

so they are good. the hospital is pretty much the waldorf astoria of maternity centers so they are being very well cared for. S is frustrated and scared about the nursing situation but hopefully her milk will come in soon. and then she’ll have hamburger meat where her nipples used to be but at least the baby wont be yellow anymore.

they couldnt decide between two names so they flipped a coin.  um-hm.  yes they did.  they flipped. a. coin.  for reals.  those crazy mamas.

i’ll leave the birth details to C although i sure have plenty of them still swirling around my addled brain. if you are dying for any particular details, leave it in your comment and i’ll try to oblige. if anybody can leave me a link to a wordpress sign-in page then i’ll try to post this on her blog.


~ by complicatedmama on May 5, 2008.

15 Responses to “dosmamas update”

  1. Thank you so much for the updates on Dos Mamas!

  2. thats where you sign in

  3. i tried i’m not a complete moron. my blog info is already filled in. i dont seem to be able to sign into somebody else’s blog. maybe that’s a good thing but it’s not workin’ for me right now.

  4. lol i didn’t think you were a moron. i am though, and i looked at my blog for a seriously long time to sign in. thats embarrassing. pretend i didn’t just type that.

    my apologies.

    maybe you can try to clear your history, i think that usually clears any saved passwords and such.

  5. a-ha. i signed myself out and then voila! but unfortunately the passwords she gave me didnt work and i couldnt find the right wordpress email in her email. so this will have to do until she gets home and can post.

  6. Oh my – they named that baby Oprah, didn’t they?!

  7. ok. maybe you’re ‘done’ with me now since i’ve offended. but when you go to in the upper left hand corner is a place to click ‘my account’ and then there is a ‘log out’ option.

  8. if you log yourself out of your account, you should be able to access this page:

    thanks for being the updater!!

  9. I love reading your updates here- you crack me up!
    & the image of little Oprah checking out of her lightbed was particularly clevah.

    thank you tons for keeping us crazy internet people informed!

  10. Thanks so much for the update, I am so glad to hear that the mama’s and new little one are doing well. I hope everyone gets home soon.

  11. It is great to hear that all is doing well. Feeding can take time – freckle or no – I am sure they will sort it. Yay yay yay and lovely healthy and gorgeous girl – who they too will need to toliet train when she is 3 or 4… won’t you have lots of advice and assistance to give!

  12. I just linked to you from Baby On Bored. I can’t believe all the heartache you have suffered up to this point. Cannot even imagine. I bet you’re so thankful for the babies you do have…to be honest I’m surprised you haven’t completely given up. But I’m glad you haven’t!

  13. Where have you gone complicatedmama? I hope you’re okay.

  14. same here…keep checking for a new post… miss you and your words and thoughts!!!


  15. You can definitely see your expertise within the paintings you write. The arena hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. Always follow your heart.

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