new confession

i watch too much tv.  every night and every nap the baby takes.  i watch tv.  that’s another way that i turn off the madness.  i veg.  when i have free time, i NEVER want to exercise for a release or have sex or take a shower.  i want to watch tv.  or go to the movies. i have been like this for as long as i can remember.

there is something wrong with me.


~ by complicatedmama on January 29, 2009.

5 Responses to “new confession”

  1. Hey my blog is Forever Reaching

  2. ummmmmm…me too. tv. very bad, but can’t stop. really bad for food addiction, too. it’s the ultimate numbing mechanism. i guess it all comes down to the same ole…drugging ourselves.

  3. that’s the silliest confession i have ever heard. tv is awesome and fun. i don’t know why we liberals have so much shame surrounding it. i never ever not ever not ever ever want to exercise. sex is only occasionally interesting and only lately for the first time in forever. tv? a constant and worthwhile companion. screw the guilt. don’t call this a confession.

    and plug your children on in. heh. join….usssssss…… heh heh. beck is already solidly addicted to youtube and knows all his sesame street characters. i feel some strange, secret pride over this. eff you, park slope mommies and your tv bans! ahem. how’s that for a confession?

  4. really? there is something wrong with you for watching tv? i’m totally with bri on this one.

  5. seriously? i dont cook or clean or blog or correspond with people or shower. nothing productive. tv during most free time? you two dont do that, do you? i sit on my couch every time i get the chance. damn i thought that was a pretty good confession. i doubt that anybody i know vegges like i do.

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