six word memoir

you are ALL tagged, every single one of you, to write a six word memoir.  here.   in my comments.

check out this link to the six word memoir on love and heartbreak project at smith magazine.  but i want to hear it first.

here’s my six word memoir:

dead babies, live babies, what else?

and yours?


~ by complicatedmama on January 30, 2009.

11 Responses to “six word memoir”

  1. I truly love this project. I wrote one last summer but now I forget it. I will work on another.

  2. what is right? still don’t know.

  3. I drank, I stopped, I live!

  4. you’re gone. daddy’s gone. piss it.

  5. He takes both kids to school

  6. wasted opportunities. unfulfilled potential. sad choices.

    [and I’m so happy to see you’re blogging again. I read through all your 09 posts just a moment ago. I didn’t like what Ezk said. I did like that you are brave enough to write about Pot. I am too chicken shit to write about my current problems ~they are many but boring. I agree it might be more of a problem that you are so mad with yourself and not so much about Pot per se. and if I were in the same situation I’d probably consider weening (?!) and upping the Z*loft dosage. But that’s me… I kind of hated the super demanding nature of nursing. anyway, enough assvice and crappola from me, xxxClare]

  7. every day is a new day

  8. Shoulda, woulda, and coulda are the most dangerous words in our language. They serve no purpose but to make us feel inadequate. I think to start, you need new medications. Something to “bring you up” a bit as well as alleviating the depression, something to combat the intrusive thoughts, and something that has little to no sexual side effects. I don’t know your medical history or your medication profile but I would suggest Wellbutrin and a low starting dose of Abilify. Wellbutrin XL has been known to cause weight loss so you would need to keep an eye on that.

    I hate what you’re going through and the vicious soul sucking mind fuck cycle you’re trapped in. Ask your doc about the meds, it’s worth a try and if you don’t like them you can always switch back. I have seen Welbutrin/Abilify work miracles and have had patients tell me for the first time in their life, they feel normal.
    Once the medications give you the “kick start” you need, you will have the motivation to do other things to help yourself climb out of the pit and you may not need the meds forever. A vicious cycle can be spun around the other way.

    Good luck and don’t give up. Where there is life, there is hope.

  9. Just wondering how you’re doing, no posts in a while.

  10. read you for the first time 2day….pretty interesting! an ahhh one more thing whatever you do…don’t hit your kids…I was raised with corporal punishment which is the polite way of saying my sister and I got beating what my mom considered whippings…it was not cool. It takes away your child’s dignity..
    control yourself (unlike your mother and my mother) and find other ways to vent, than to hit your children You are supposed (an this is the true meaning of the word) to protect them…advocate for them…b a lioness for them… their pain in life should never come from you! b better than your mother…b better than my mother! i don’t even know you, but from what i’ve read thus far I know you can handle your business when it comes to your children because you fought so hard to give life! “girl do the damn thang”!!!

    “cause i’m supposed to do it”
    “supposed is a very misused word”

  11. I miss my precious little babies.

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