complicated mama

Hmm. I’m a 37-year-old mother of three. Three live babies, three dead ones. I’m humbly borrowing the term “complicated mother” from Anne LaMott whose books have sort of mentored me. It suits me and more importantly it helps me reframe my shall we say “idiosyncracies” in a positive light. So on a good day, I’m a “complicated mother.” Yeahhh that’s it. On a bad day, I’m a lousy wife doomed to turn at least partly into my frightening mother and to slap one of my kids in the face some day. Maybe if I can channel some neuroses this way, I have a chance.

My first blog, tryingtohaveababythatlives, is my journal of a high-risk pregnancy after three losses. It’s not for the faint of heart I assure you.


3 Responses to “complicated mama”

  1. I cry for you – and I cry for me.
    I won’t tell you I am sorry for your loss – because that does not even explain the emotions I feel for you.

    It is not empathy – it is the fear we share as mothers…and me, not having been through it, to read about how you have, is terrifying, heartbreaking,cruel and shocking.
    I thank you for the mothers out there who can not voice their pain –

  2. Hi webmaster!

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